5 Things Men Can Benefit from Juan Pablo


Regardless of ones own opinions into the ABC show “The Bachelor,” as well as if you’ve never witnessed an individual episode, odds are you’ve stumbled upon a post or two with regards to the debacle which was last season’s bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis.

Anyone who watched “As soon as the Final Rose” understands the tense awkwardness that permeated the entire episode.

But, you will discover lessons for being learned.

Looks is only going to ensure you get until now.

Juan Pablo commenced this current year as the fan favorite. Individuals were tuning in to the Bachelor who had not watched it before, simply because of Juan Pablo. He will be athletic, attractive, and contains an accent – a hat trick for ratings.

But, when the season took – it became obvious (especially if women started walking right out of the show) that he was often not merely confusing – but downright offensive towards the girls. Concerning said this before, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful you happen to be, when a woman is uncomfortable who are around you, hardly anything else matters.

Be direct with all your thoughts.

What…in…the…hell…was Juan Pablo dealing with ?much of the time? I realize that English is his second language, however know plenty of people in this situation who is able to still articulate their thoughts and are also prepared collaborate during a conversation.

JP seemed to dance around any question asked, or head for his now-famous tag line, “It’s ok…”

When you’re seeking to create a relationship with someone, them having no idea what you’re thinking is not really ok.

Take any time so that know her.

Not that it should already have to become said, however, if one who was chosen currently 25 women on national television doesn’t are aware of it, after that few others sure enough have to study it, too.

Multiple women while doing this season had the same complaint: Juan Pablo knew nothing about the subject, and so they really didn’t know much about him, either. I understand it’s difficult becoming acquainted with many individuals inside a bit of time while you’re in the middle of cameras, but that’s even more reason to talk about actual important details.

If a guy is basically serious about you, your house stage of your respective relationship shouldn’t be learning what your preferred color is. What drives you? Exactly what are your primary goal, dreams, passions and ambitions? Will you two “work” together?

Don’t be rude.

As if Juan Pablo wasn’t already behind the 8-ball, he repeatedly accused The Bachelor’s host, Chris Harrison, of interrupting him in the “After The Final Rose” show. Harrison can be a man who helps facilitate your whole season and will be offering advice as you go along. To be the only other man consistently on air through the season, it seems externally just as if a camaraderie is, but, apparently not.

The resounding boo’s on the crowd after JP’s passive-aggressive comments and “It’s ok” responses, it became clear he lost any fans he had left.

Be honest.

If you will find one positive thing Allow me to say about Juan Pablo, it’s that she doesn’t lie about his feelings. He’s been criticized repeatedly for not saying that he loves Nikki (the lady he chose) and never proposing to her – but let’s be genuine for just a second.

Their experience on the show was made up of About 6 weeks visiting exotic locations with multiple other women. Literally down to a final second, there was clearly at least one other woman inside picture. Whilst the show is the platform for two individuals to “find real love,” is this fact really realistic? We’ve more respect for JP due to professing feelings he doesn’t really have, in order to generate a worse mess for himself and Nikki down the line.

While the ending of year was anti-climactic for your audience without having a proposal, settling on not propose simply to begin with?really dating to get to be aware of the other, was a smarter move for JP.